Why Pick Fuse Gaming ?

Fuse Gaming is a brand new studio and compared to many other studios out we focus on quality over the quantity of sales. This bringing our players the best possible experience.

Fuse Studios originally started of as a game server within garrys mod focusing on the idea of feedback. With our new game in development we dont plan to change a thing, player experience and feedback is the most essential part of making any video game.

We try bring the best quality game development that we can provide. This is done to ensure the that the games we publish are done to a high quality.


Lucid Dream : Game Story

Lucid Dream is Our current Development Project

Lucid Dream is introduced by a Narrator this Narrator hinting towards the idea of the player being in a Dream as he faces many Challanges such as enemys of his own imagination, this Character called Luke only learning that these were all monsters that he has seen before, or has he?


Looking into the Future

What is there to be expected for the Foreseeable Future of Fuse Studio's?

Fuse Studios isnt going to be just a 1 game publisher we plan on expanding and exploring many other types of games, specifically we will take a heavy focus on VR Game Development and much more.


What Makes Fuse Studios Us?

Fuse Studios has many qualities making us unique from any other studios.

We Value Our Community Interactions

Our Staff Members Interact with our community making sure our games are in line with our community's feedback.

We publicize any new content on our social media accounts!

we love to see our community react to our new up and coming updates.

We Bring a New Creative Mindset.

the use of our creative team allow for us to have brand new idea's to be explored these getting brung to life through our games.

We Send Out Emails Regularly

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We Work Hard.

Our Developers and Staff try their very best making sure our community is happy with the results of our games.

We Make Our Platform Secure

We Use the best avalible security on our games this keeping your data safe away from any harm.

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